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The Struggle of POC Writing

Writing a POC can be stressful and take hours or even days to complete

  • The POC process is often lengthy and challenging.


The solution

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Rapid POC Generation

A draft POC generated in seconds with just a few clicks.

  • Your own POC AI Ally simplifies and accelerates the process.


The Freedom of Compliance

With the burden lifted, staff can focus on what matters


It's so Easy!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this software?

Our software is designed to make your life easier. By simply uploading your Form 2567, the software will automatically create a comprehensive Plan of Correction, saving you significant time and resources.

How does the software create a Plan of Correction?

The software uses a comprehensive algorithm that has been designed based on regulations and best practices. It identifies issues on the 2567, assigns responsibility, specifies planned interventions, and establishes dates for expected outcomes.

How accurate is the Plan of Correction created by the software?

We put lots of time and effort to ensure accuracy and we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Clearpol utilizes state of the art AI algorithms and best practices to generate a Plan of Correction. However, it is absolutely crucial to review the draft POC generated by the software and customize it according to the specific needs and situations of your facility. These deficiencies need to be addressed through an effective Plan of Correction. No technology is perfect, so please use your best professional and clinical judgement.

Is my data secure while using this software?

We take your privacy seriously and have implemented robust security measures to ensure your data is secure and protected.

How quick is the turnaround from uploading my 2567 to receiving my Plan of Correction?

Our software generates the Plan of Correction immediately after you upload your Form 2567. However, the time you spend reviewing and customizing this plan will depend on your specific needs and availability of your team.

Do I need any special training to use this software?

Our software is user-friendly and intuitive, and doesn't require any special training. However, we provide comprehensive instructions, tutorials and customer support. Please reach out to in case you encounter any issues.

Can I customize the Plan of Correction according to my facility needs?

Yes, you can. The software generates a baseline plan, which you're free to customize according to your facility's specific circumstances and needs.

What support is available if I face any issues?

We provide online and phone support. Feel free to reach out to us whenever you require assistance, and our team of experts will be glad to serve you. Email: