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Have you submitted your MonkeyPox IC Plan to your LPA?

Don't have it? We got you covered. Updated August 2022

Why do I need a MonkeyPox Infection Control Supplemental Plan?

87470 (d) "When an emergency, as defined in Government Code section 8558, or federal emergency for a communicable disease is proclaimed or declared, the licensee shall develop an Emergency Infection Control Plan that includes infection control measures that are not already addressed in the Infection Control Plan as specified in subsection (c), to prevent, contain, and mitigate the associated communicable disease."

87470 (d)(1) "The Emergency Infection Control Plan shall include the applicable infection control measures required by the federal, state, and local government public health authorities for the communicable disease, and shall be completed and sent to the Department within 15 calendar days from the date the state or federal emergency is proclaimed or declared.  In the event there are differing standards between the government public health authorities, the licensee shall follow the strictest requirement"

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