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Welcome to the Support page!

Find our tutorials on the features below or by clicking one of the buttons below.

Comparing Revisions

Clearpol's Compare Revisions feature enables users to compare the previous and current versions of a document side-by-side. This feature easily displays new changes with deletions highlighted in red and additions highlighted in green.

How to use Compare Revisions
  1. Log in to

  2. Navigate to the document of interest. If a document contains a comparison with its previous version, you will be able to view the Compare Revisions button in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page.

  3. Click on the button to open a new page containing the comparison.

Viewing Revisions
  • Comparing Text

    • The left side of the page is the previous version of the document.

      • Text highlighted in red shows deleted text from the current version of the document.​

    • The right side of the page is the current version.

      • Text highlighted in green shows the updated text.​

    • You can view these changes on the right side of the page.

  • You can search each version of the document by clicking the magnifier icon on the top left of each document.​

Create, view & edit Bookmarks

Clearpol's bookmarks feature allows you to bookmark policies/regulations. Log in to save documents for later reference.

Adding a Bookmark
  1. Open and log in to your account.

  2. Navigate to the page of the document you would like to bookmark.

  3. Click "Bookmark this document" in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page as shown in the image below.

Viewing your Bookmarks
  1. Log in to view the "Bookmarks" button on the home page at Click the button to be directed to the Bookmarks page.

You should now be viewing a page with your bookmarks categorized by the folders your regulations belong to.

Removing Bookmarks
  1. Open and login to your account.

  2. There are two ways to remove your bookmark:​​​​​

  1. Go to the document you bookmarked. Click the "Remove bookmark" button in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page.


2. Go to the bookmarks page from the side menu and view your bookmarks. Click Remove bookmark on the left side of the document you want to remove.

Login and Signup Feature

Logging in allows users access to features like Bookmarks and Teams. These features are unavailable when logged out, so make sure to stay logged in to take advantage of these powerful tools!

How to Sign Up
  1. If you don't have an existing account, click the "Sign Up" button or click on the "Sign Up" button on the home page at

  2. On this sign up page, enter your information. (Note: Any of the information submitted can be changed by contacting us.)

  3. If prompted, follow any of the next steps, otherwise you will be brought to the home page while logged in to your new Clearpol account.

How to Login
  1. Click the log in button found on the top right of the site or the .

  2. Enter your email that was used when creating an account, and check your inbox for a link to log in.

Login page.png
How to Sign out
  1. ​Click on your username found on the top right of the page, this will open a dropdown menu to log out.

Still having issues with signup/login? Please message us with the chat bot on the bottom left of the page.

Changing Regulations

Logged in

You may view custom regulations pertaining to a specific location and facility type.

Visit the settings page by clicking on your user name found at the top right of the page. Click on the settings option in the dropdown menu that appears. Proceed to change your preferences under the section titled "Location".

Logged out

Click on the section that displays your current regulation preferences. Proceed to change your preferences in the modal that appears.

Advanced Search Engine

Clearpol's advanced search engine tool has an easy-to-use interface that makes finding regulations/policies quick and easy.

You can find the search tool on the top of the page.

By clicking on the "Advanced Search" button, you can filter by State or Federal regulation types.

The example below will filter the search results for All Facility Letters (AFLs) with the search term 'covid'. 


After pressing Enter or clicking Go, you will now see your results filtered with the most relevant documents.

Teams Features

Clearpol's Teams features are available for logged in users. Users can create or join a team of other users in which they can easily share regulations with each other. Clearpol also allows task creation and management for your team. Teams is currently in an early state and we plan to add many more features in the future. Teams is a useful tool to keep team members in compliance and up to date on any and all regulations.

How to access the Teams page

 Click on the teams button on the home page at Here you can view your team, view team members contact information, new team members, and view tasks that have been created for your team.

Adding team members
  1. While on the team page or while viewing a document, use the "Add a team member to collaborate with" form in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page.

  2. You can only add users who are not part of a team. You can also add users who do not have a Clearpol account, to let them know you want to collaborate.

Sharing regulations with team members
  1. Open the document you wish to share with team members.

  2. You will see a "Share this document with a team member" section in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page. click the user you wish to share the document with.

  3. Here you can send a message along with the document to your team member.

Assigning a Task

You may assign tasks to your team that are related to a specific document by doing the following:

  1. Navigate to the document related to the task you would like to add.

  2. Click on the "Assign Task to your team" button in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page.

  3. Add a task name, description, and deadline in the modal that appears and click submit.







You can view tasks created by yourself and your team members on the Teams page under the "Your Team's tasks" section. 

Deleting a Task and Changing Task Status
  • You can remove tasks by navigating to the "Your Team's tasks" section on the Teams page and clicking the "Remove" button in the row of the task you would like to delete.

  • Change task status by clicking the dropdown under the "Status" column to select one of the following options: "Completed", "In Progress", "Stopped". 

Need help managing your team? Please message us with the chat bot on the bottom left of the page.

Notifications feature

Users can enable desktop push notifications to get notified as soon as a new regulation is released. Users also now have access to on-site notifications to see when they get assigned a new task from their team, when team members comment on a regulation and when a new regulation is released.

How to enable desktop notifications
  1. Click the notification alert or visit the settings page. You can go to the settings page by clicking your user name on the top right corner of the page and clicking settings in the dropdown menu. 

   2. Click the "Turn on notifications" option under the "Notifications" section on the settings                   page. 

   3. If prompted from your browser, allow notifications from site.

   4. Click the option to opt in and wait for the success message.

Now whenever a new regulation is released you will be the first to know.

(Safari and iOS devices are currently not supported)

How to disable desktop notifications
  1. Visit the settings page.

  2. Click the option to opt out of notifications.

Possible issues when enabling notifications
  1. Make sure you are logged in to your Clearpol account.

  2. Make sure your browser can allow notifications from our site, below are known issues that may prevent this:
    a. Using a browser in Incognito/Private mode.
    b. Having notifications for our site blocked/denied.

  3. If you do not see options to enable or disable notifications in the settings page, please check your browser's notification settings, then refresh the page.

How to use on-site notifications

Whenever you have a new notification you will be notified here.



Click on the notification icon to view your notifications.

Here you can also mark all your notifications as read.
Notifications here are made from new regulation releases and from various team features.
Click on the notification itself to be redirected to the new regulation or to visit the team page. 
Refreshing the page will display any new notifications you may have received.

Still having issues with notifications? Please message us with the chat bot on the bottom left of the page.

Printing documents

​There are two ways to print a document:

  1. While viewing a document, click the three dots located at the top right corner of the document viewer. Click "Print PDF", configure your print settings if needed, then click "Print".


​  2. Navigate to the page of the document you would like to print. Click the "Print this document" button in the widget sidebar on the right side of the page. Click the "Print PDF" button in the modal that appears to open a new window to visit the PDF. You will have the option to print or download the pdf on this page.

Getting Support

Still need help? These are different ways to contact us:

  1. Message our chat bot, located on the bottom left of this page, to directly message us and get immediate help.

   2. Using our Ask for Help page.

   3. Email us

   4. Call or Text us at (323) 701-1031.

We will respond within 24 hours.

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