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Opinion: Worker COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Requirement Supplemental Guidance (PIN 22-05-ASC)

Here is Clearpol’s opinion on PIN 22-05-ASC, which can be found on our website here alongside the PIN text:

It has a table that helps manage staff testing and placement based on vaccination status in accordance with PINs 21-38-ASC and 21-16-ASC. It details whether or not staff are required to undergo weekly diagnostic screening testing and whether they are allowed to work indoors as well as mask requirements, depending whether fully vaccinated and received a booster dose; fully vaccinated and not yet booster-eligible; fully vaccinated and booster eligible; fully vaccinated and didn’t receive a booster dose by 3/1/22 or after 15 days of becoming eligible if not eligible as of 3/1/22; unvaccinated with an exemption or fully vaccinated with an exemption to the booster requirement.

Staff who have recovered from a COVID-19 diagnosis in the last 90 days, and remained asymptomatic, do not need to submit to testing until after 90 days has elapsed, but must self-monitor for symptoms and continue to follow masking and all other infection control requirements, as stated in the Healthcare Worker Protections in High-Risk Settings Order. These staff must provide documentation of previous diagnosis from their healthcare provider or confirmed laboratory results to refrain from testing. If new COVID-19 symptoms arise during the 90 days post-infection, they must immediately follow self-isolation guidelines including evaluation and testing.


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