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Opinion: Vaccination Expectations for Surveyors Performing Federal Oversight (QSO-22-10-ALL)

Here is Clearpol’s opinion on QSO-22-10-ALL, which can be found on our website here alongside the QSO text:

The Quality, Safety & Oversight Group and Survey & Operations Group, in its guidance to State Survey Agencies, has expanded on the exclusionary criteria for all surveyors (including CLIA and Life Safety Code surveyors) entering provider locations to include vaccination status, effective in 30 days. Surveyors who have a COVID-19 vaccination exemption may continue surveying while observing additional safeguards, such as mandatory testing and limitation to conducting survey activities that limit resident contact. All surveyors are expected to use appropriate PPE while surveying. Surveyors who are not fully vaccinated should not participate as part of the onsite survey team performing federal oversight of certified providers and suppliers.

As stated in previous CDPH AFL guidance, CMS states that certified providers are not permitted to ask surveyors for proof of their vaccination status as a precondition for entry. A SNF should still screen for COVID-19 symptoms as it does for any visitor.


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