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Opinion: Extension of COVID-19 Waivers to 6/30/2022 (PIN 22-12-ASC)

Here is Clearpol’s opinion on PIN 22-12-ASC, which can be found on our website here alongside the AFL text:

With the governor’s executive order N-04-22 extending authority for COVID-19 related waivers, ASC program waivers now expire no later than June 30, 2022, or earlier as determined by CDSS. Supersedes PIN 21-39.1. The specified PINs:

22-07-ASC Updated Statewide Visitation Waiver, and Testing and Vaccination Verification Guidance for Visitors Related to COVID-19

21-01-ASC Alternate Care Sites

20-37-ASC Buildings & Grounds, Capacity, Staffing Ratios, Staff Training, TB Testing, Medical Assessments)

20-16-ASC-CCR Small Business Lending

21-24-CCLD Waivers expiring 3/31/22 and the Administrator Certification Program

20-14-CCLD Sanitizing Laundry, Hot Water Temperature Limits

20-04-CCLD Governor’s Proclamation of a State of Emergency to Address Novel COVID-19

Once the waivers expire or are rescinded by CDSS, all licensing requirements specific to the waiver shall be reinstated.


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