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Opinion: COVID-19 Testing, Vaccination Verification & PPE for SNF (Booster Deferral) (AFL 21-28.3)

Here is Clearpol’s opinion on AFL 21-28.3, which can be found on our website here alongside the AFL text:

This AFL allows HCP who have completed their primary vaccination series and can provide proof of subsequent recent COVID-19 infection to defer booster administration for up to 90 days from the date of clinical diagnosis or first positive test. In some situations, this may extend the booster dose requirement beyond March 1st and it is based on the 2/22/2022 CA Public Health Officer Order Health Care Worker Vaccine Requirement that requires HCP to be up to date with vaccinations and received boosted by 3/1, unless exempt.

This revision also still requires at least twice weekly COVID-19 testing for all regular unvaccinated exempt and booster-eligible HCP who have not yet received their booster in long-term care settings. Those working no more than one shift per week or who don’t work in areas where care is provided or to which residents don’t have access for any purpose must undergo weekly testing. Those working less often than weekly must be tested within 48 hours before their shift.

HCP not yet eligible for boosters or who show proof of infection must be in compliance no later than 15 days after the recommended timeframe for receiving the booster dose. This AFL supersedes AFL 21-28.2.


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