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Shaping a Better Healthcare Future

We're revolutionizing healthcare with our AI, improving efficiency, quality, and ROI, while providing continuous support to forge a safer, more accessible healthcare future.

Reads Clinical Progress Notes & Documentation

Clearpol's AI accurately identifies changes in patient conditions and potential violations, enhancing patient care quality.

Real-Time AI Assisted Report Creation

Our AI swiftly generates crucial reports like IP surveillance and 24-hour summaries, offering immediate, valuable insights.

Alerts & Task Management

The system autonomously identifies issues, assigns tasks, and alerts staff, improving workflow efficiency and issue resolution.

Policy Management Automation

Our AI understands and updates your policies in line with regulatory changes, simplifying compliance and alerting to necessary policy updates.

Proactive Risk Management

Clearpol's AI acts as a 24/7 quality assurance tool, reviewing EHRs and preemptively catching issues, continuously improving patient care.

Our Team Members

Faddy Sunna

CTO & Co-Founder

Arash Jafari

CEO & Co-Founder

"ClearPol aims to be your AI ally in post-acute & long-term care, streamlining administrative, clinical, and billing tasks while ensuring compliance and elevating care quality. With AI at our core, we're paving the way for a future where healthcare thrives on efficiency and superior patient outcomes."

Nilou Jafari

Chief of Staff